Turnkey Security Solutions for the Hotel Industry

A selection of products to enhance your safety and security 

Innovative solutions

The Digital Age of Video

Our IP CCTV Solution allows clients with large network systems to easily secure their premises with a solution that works in tandem with their network infrastructure. This solution facilitates installation by co-existing with other network equipments and functioning according to the same standards. Through POE, no additional power is required for this solution. Our Solution is also fully scalable and easy to upgrade. With a wide range of available Network Video Recorders, clients can opt for models suitable to their needs.

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Data recording and storage is made more secure by using RAID data management and Professional hard drives. Data backups can be performed with ease. IP cameras and NVRs are as robust as the analog solutions.


As you start adding to an existing surveillance system, the migration to IP cameras is the most logical. IP cameras can be added to an installation with existing analog camera, therefore allowing you to migrate over time.


The ability to access and view video files from any location in the world via monitoring apps and remote clouds, is an obvious benefit of IP-based video surveillance storage solution. whilst data security

Access Control Solutions

Our Access control solution comprises of Biometric and Proximity controllers allowing you to control access to sensitive areas such as Guest Luggage Areas, Account and Finance Offices, Plant buildings as well as Guest Villas. 


Guest Lock Solution

An intuitive solution allowing Guests to access their rooms and other Guest Accessible Controlled areas such as the Hotel Gym and Business Center. 

Simplified Front Desk 

Activation of Guest Access Cards are made easy with our solutions. Customised to meet your project size requirements.


Integration is made easy. Ours is compatible with Energy Management Systems, thus allowing you to not only control access but to make considerable savings. 

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Fire Alarm Solutions

Digital Addressable system with
Logic configurations
Integrated with other Fire 
Prevention Systems 
Centralised Alarm 
Monitoring System 

Safety First - Digital Addressable Alarm System versus Conventional Systems

A Digital Addressable Fire alarm system is preferred over a conventional system because it allows for quick location of a fire. This is crucial in large installations and allows for faster response to fire. Furthermore, faults are resolved faster as the Fire Alarm Panel can report the exact location of the fault, thus limiting the time spent rectifying the fault and down-time as well.

Digital Addressable Alarm devices are also connected in a "loop", therefore allowing a detector to stay connected to the panel in the event that one side of the loop is disconnected. Over the years, we have advised client to migrate to the addressable alarm system as they offer greater control and flexibility in general.

Turnkey Fire Alarm Solution

We oversee every aspect of your fire alarm system; from the design to commissioning. This ensure effective coordination with consultants, local fire authorities and industry standards and protocols guiding the effective implementation of such systems.

The right support 

We ensure you have adequate support from our in-house team and partners, thus maintaining full operation of your fire alarm systems and responding to any faults in the shortest delays. Furthermore, staff training services are also available.