Structured Cabling Solutions

This solution includes outside plant structured cabling between headend and access level, as well as internal network cabling requirements. It takes into consideration the requirements as per your active network requirements.

Active Network Solutions

Our Solution includes standard requirements for Core Switches,  Next Generation Firewall, Enterprise level Routers and Access Routers;. These are customised to meet your project network size and capacity requirements.

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Passive Optical LAN 

Our Passive Optical LAN Solution is ideal for multi-dwelling systems as well as Establishments with more than 50 rooms / villas. It is a cost effective network system requiring low maintenance and support. Our GPON Solution uses Telecommunications Grade equipment, thus ensuring network reliability by eliminating downtime. Furthermore, GPON Solutions for the hotel industry allows for the convergence of network services on the same infrastructure without jeopardising network security and performance.

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Designed to provide redundancy and to reduce or eliminate possible down-time due to physical fiber damage. The Physical Network  is also connected to dual transmission ports on the server side so as to enable diversification at the core level.

Single Fiber to Guest Villa

Dedicated single mode single core Fiber optic cable to each Guest Villa; thus limiting the requirements for copper cables whilst increasing on network stability and general efficiency. 

Network Convergence

The Guest ONTs are enabled to support Multicast IPTV, Guest Data Ports, Guest Wi- Fi and other Guest Villa Operations such as Room Management System and Building Management System.

Multi-Gigabit Enterprise Network

Enterprise network architecture providing high speed and redundant connectivity to Edge and Access Layers.


10G/40G/100G Connectivity 

Configurable Network capacity depending on network size and standard requirement for Hotels and Resorts

Redundancy at Core Level

Multiple uplinks and Core Equipment, thus ensuring stability and quick switchover 

Turnkey Network Solutions for Hospitality Sector

Network Security

Next Generation Firewall providing integrated protection, intrusion previson, antivirus, data leak prevention, URL Filtering and anti-spam.


Enterprise Routing solutions with supports for multiple WAN services, VPN and high traffic routing capacity

Access Switching 

Support for multiple data rates, iStack support, Managed Layer 3 with Ethernet Ring Protection Switching 

Turnkey Data Center 

All Passive and Active components required for an operational Data Center. Solution is scaled depending on Network Size.