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Next Generation Wireless Network Solutions

The new age of Wireless Technology is here! Our Wifi 6 enabled solutions can provide connection rate of up to 6Gbps, thus providing high quality and stable wireless connectivity to your hotel establishment. 

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POL Solution with Integrated Wireless Solution

Bundle your Guest Physical Network solution with your wifi requirements. Our Agile POL solutions provides the Guest Room with dedicated fiber optic link, physical lan ports and Wireless Access; all from one single device. 


Meet the "Connected Generation" internet access connectivity expectations by opting for a wireless network that is built from the ground up, fully customised according to your specific project requirements; targeting user experience, stability and reliability 

Dual Band Coverage for maximum device support

Dual band coverage (2.4Ghx & 5.8Ghz) ensures maximum compatibility with wireless devices. Furthermore, this limits possibility of dead spots and areas of poor signal quality.

Optimised Wireless Coverage for Guest and Outdoor areas

Wireless network deployment simulations allows us to provide maximum coverage in guest villas, guest facilities and other outdoor areas such as walkways, beaches and relaxation areas.

Wireless Roaming capabilities to keep your Guest connected at all times

Your Guest stays connected to the wireless network wherever they are on the your property. Single account authenticationallows they to access all guest areas seamlessly.

The Connected Generation: WiFi 6

The new Generation of Wi-Fi is here. Wi-Fi 6 allows you to provide unsurpassed wireless coverage and bandwidth to your hotel establishment. It allow support for bandwidth-hungry applications such as 4K Streaming content delivery while ensuring low latency. To increase network stability, user devices are connected to multiple APs at any one time which in turns facilitates roaming abilities. 

Experience up to four times network bandwidth and up to four times more concurrent users compared to previous generation solutions. 

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POL : Converged Network Solutions

Your Guest Network doesn't have to be expensive! Our Passive Optical LAN solutions are fully scalable, providing unsurpassed network connectivity to Guest Villas. Using the FTTx topology, each Guest Villa is connected to its own dedicated fiber core. Optical Network Terminals are used to deliver Wireless Internet, IPTV, VOD, VOIP and other Guest Services directly to the villa.

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POL Network Features

Single Fiber to Villa

A simple Network topology which makes it easier to maintain as well as guaranteeing service delivery


Physical Fiber Route diversity, Dual PON Registration, Physical Configuration Card Backups, self healing network 

Quad Play Ready

From IP Services to Analog Services such as Analog Phones, Analog / DVB T/S/C content delivery over the same network

Cost Effective

Cheaper than other types of network, thus ideal for implementation for new projects and as an upgrade to existing establishments


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